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Building Surveys (Commercial or Residential)

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial property, or are about to enter into a new lease you may be liable for repairing covenants. Our Surveyors will undertake an inspection to identify the condition of the external and internal parts and advise on the extent of defects, necessary repairs or present and future liabilities. A Building Survey is suitable for any type of residential or commercial property and provides a detailed assessment of its construction and condition. It is appropriate if the property is in poor repair‚ of old or unusual construction or if it has been extensively altered. It is also useful if you are planning renovation or conversion works as we tailor the report to meet your specific requirements.

Commercial Dilapidations

We can act for both the landlord and the tenant, either during or at the end of a lease term. For either party we can prepare, advise, defend and negotiate dilapidation claims arising from the covenants within the commercial lease. Where necessary we will specify, tender, manage or supervise any repair works to be undertaken.

Condition & Maintenance Reports

Any property is an investment and to maximise its potential, use and value it is important the property benefits from regular and effective maintenance. We prepare Condition Reports and Planned Maintenance Schedules for all types of building owners including block management companies to survey the current condition and advise on any catch up repairs and other urgent works as well as future repairs and phased decoration works. Vivid Surveyors Limited regularly undertakes property inspections and surveys for the preparation of Planned Maintenance Schedules over various timeframes i.e. 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 year programmes.

We often advice our clients of the importance to obtain competitive tenders for 1 or more years programmes in order that financial budgeting and planning can be implemented in particular with residential block management.

Our reports are clear and provide practical advice on how to maintain the building or to bring the building back into good repair. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you.

Construction Monitoring

It is always advisable to appoint a professional consultant to assist in some aspect of a construction project. Our knowledge and experience of procurement strategies and standard forms of contract provides a sound basis to act as a Project Manager or as the Contract Administrator. Such input can be tailored and start from the inception or at other times up to completion.

We are able to monitor construction works on behalf of banks and other funding institutions to oversee the progress, expenditure and quality in accordance with the terms of the funders requirements.

Defect Analysis & Repair

Our Chartered Building Surveyor’s understand all forms and methods of construction and have the ability to identify many types and causes of defects within a structure. We will undertake a detailed survey and inspection of the building and if appropriate recommend a period of monitoring to ascertain the actual cause of the defect. With these results we can prepare a report to advise on the nature and cause of the defect together with cost effective solutions and method of repair.

It maybe that there is evidence of cracking, timber decay, dampness or there may be other causes of the defect at play such as overloading, over/under spanning and poor workmanship. We can investigate and prepare a report for your consideration or that of a third party such as funder, insurer, agent. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you.

Refurbishment, Alterations & Extensions

By enlarge, most buildings are constructed for a specific purpose and use and due to age will deteriorate and demand ever increasing costs to maintain or fail to serve the desired purpose. As buildings change hands so do its use and will therefore require adapting to suit the needs of the existing or new occupier/owner.

During the life and changes to a building our experience and knowledge of different types of buildings can prove very useful to maximising the potential of the building. We can advise on all aspects of a proposed change including the most appropriate procurement and strategy, best design solution, the use of modern or traditional materials and repairs, budget and whole project costs, identification of suitable contractors and management through to handover.

Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

New Build Projects

We are experienced in all types of construction, old, traditional and modern and can advise on the design, build costs and life cycle costing, procurement strategies and project management. As the Project Surveyor or Employer’s Agent, our role will be to coordinate and liaise with the other members of the Project and design Team including the Architect, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Planning Supervisor and so on in order that they fulfil their respective roles.

During the construction process our role will include acting as the Contract Administrator so that we can monitor and report to the Client on matters such as progress, quality and costs as well as the submission of Contract Instructions, Interim Payments and Variations, Completion Certificates, and the final account. Post completion we will issue a final Certificates on the expiry of the Defects Liability Period.

Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Contract Preparation & Administration

It is still normal to come across projects where the property owner has agreed the works with the builder based on the strength of a brief letter and sometimes a verbal confirmation. In many cases we come across the relationship between the Client and their builder has broken down mainly due to disagreeing over costs and unclear information. As a result there may be unplanned costs from extras not budgeted for or the standard and quality is not what had been expected.

In larger projects the cost of appointing a surveyor can be neutralised as we are able to introduce value for money by way of certainty with the total costs, clarity with information and a structure of responsibility.

We can prepare or gather a suite of contract documents which should always accompany a building project. This can include but not exclusive to an industry standard form of contract between the Client and builder, specification of works, agreed cost breakdown, planning and detailed drawings and any other product or supplier information agreed between the parties.

Moving forward from the commencement of the works we can provide regular visits to inspect the work and prepare a valuation based on the work completed within a given period normally every 28 days. On completion of the work we can assist with the identification of the total costs and agree a final account and settlement of payments to the builder subject to a number of important conditions. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Insurance Claims

We undertake the management of insurance claims whether it involves fire, flood, subsidence and escape of water. We can assist in taking much of the uncertainty and stress away for you by liaising with your insurance company or broker. We can also work closely with the appointed Loss Adjuster and undertake trace and access investigations to identify the cause of the damage. We can appoint and coordinate all necessary external consultants including specialist disaster management contractors who can quickly attend any incident and commence with the salvaging and cleaning of your furniture, chattels and sentimental belongings as well as installing specialist drying and treatment equipment.

We will inspect your property and advise on how to proceed so that the repairs can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

We can prepare a Schedule of Repair Work obtain and implement suitable contractors to carry out the works, supervise the repairs and ensure that the works are of good standard. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your claim.

Party Wall Matters & Special Licences

Between neighbouring buildings a wall normally forms a the physical boundary. The ownership of all or part of this wall is not always relevant when building works affecting that wall are proposed. The general definition of a Party Wall is one which serves also the adjoining owner and in this respect the neighbours share the same rights and liabilities.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 permits works to a shared wall with a neighbouring or adjoining property subject to a formal procedure and timescale. Vivid Surveyors Limited will work promptly and effectively to deal with the requirements of the Act on behalf of the building or adjoining owners.

It is important not to ignore the required procedures under the Party Wall Act which if are, can cause problems and expensive costs. The building owner undertaking the building works in most cases will cover the costs that are incurred by the neighbour and this typically includes any Surveyors costs.

The Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 deals with access onto a neighbour’s land to perform works on a building. However, this Act has a different purpose and does not permit all works to the Party Walls. The aim of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is to ensure that any work that you or your neighbour may carry out does not adversely affect any of the adjoining properties.

Works that may require Notices to be served including extensions‚ roof conversions structural alterations, and raising or removal of chimney breasts for example.

We are experienced at serving the formal Notices, preparing schedules of condition and negotiating and preparing a Party Wall award.

Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Leaseholder & Freeholder Consultation S20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987

Under a Residential lease the Freeholder has obligations to maintain the building and common parts and keep the property in a good standard of repair. In most circumstances the Leaseholders will be responsible to contribute towards the cost of the works and the costs of implementing the projects via the Management Company and external building Surveyor.

We are able to manage the whole process including the issuing of Consultation Notices to the Leaseholders, pre-works reports advising of the scope of work necessary, preparation of specifications and tendering and the supervision and management of the works. We can assist the Freeholder and/or Management Company to submit the necessary Service Charge demands in accordance with the Lease. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Architectural Services

As part of our wider instructions to provide building surveying services we can appoint and coordinate on your behalf an Architect. This can be as little as preparing a lease plan to be appended to a new or existing lease. It may be that detailed scaled drawings are necessary to illustrate and described elements of the works as with structural alterations and specialised repairs. For projects you may require planning and building regulation drawings and preceded by schematic and concept sketches to your approval and acceptance. Whatever the complexity or simplicity of the project or requirement we have access to fast, competitive local Architects who we can add to the project process. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Building Disputes

Not all building projects run smoothly, on time and on budget. When this occurs one party of the building agreement will often place blame with the other party and disputes will arise over elements of the project such as the quality provided or quantity of work undertaken and importantly the cost. By appointing a building surveyor to administer building works under a standard contract the likelihood of a dispute is significantly reduced. When a dispute does occur the surveyor can, at an early stage, review the works undertaken or costs claimed. We can act impartially or on behalf of the defendant or the claimant can resolve disputes without unnecessary solicitors’ appointments or court costs. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Professional Reports

We provide a range of professional reports to address a wide spectrum of issues affecting property. For example, our reports include records of condition prior to works on adjoining buildings, schedules in lease documents, breaches of repairing covenants, insurance claims, snagging reports on completion of new buildings, etc. Our reports are issued electronically in a concise and clear presentation and supported by digital photographs. Please feel free to call one of our surveyors and discuss how we can assist you.

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